About us

Danske Scenografer (Danish Designers for Stage and Screen) unionizes stage designers, production designers, lighting designers, sound designers and costume designers.

We safeguard the professional and artistic interests of our members and make collective agreements with the theatres, or theatre organizations, and with the Danish Television.

Danske Scenografer shares offices with the Danish Film- and Television Workers’ Union.

To safeguard the interests of our members we have established internal committees, are negotiating agreements, arranging in-service training, are represented on various boards, a.o. Danish Artists’ Advisory Council, Create Denmark, and the Theatre Museum.

Last but not least, we handle problems of copy-right, e.g. in cooperation with the copy-right organization Copy-Dan, and on committees dealing with the theatre policy.

Danske Scenografer is engaged in training- and additional education-policy, cooperating with the Danish National School of Performing Arts, The National Film School of Denmark and Danmarks Designskole.

Almost 100% of the active scenographers in Denmark are members of Danske Scenografer.

Danske Scenografer consists of A members, B members (passive members), student and pensioner members and any honorary members. Applications for membership must be submitted to the association’s secretariat with information about previous relevant employment and salary level.

The procedure for assessing applications is determined by the Board. The Board  decides all questions of doubt regarding membership and membership rights.

Individuals who have made a meritorious contribution to the promotion of the association’s purpose may be proposed by the Board for consideration as honorary members. 



Any person of legal age can be admitted as an A-member, if you..:

a) have performed at least one set design in Denmark at a public professional theatre, TV station or film company/production company recognised by DS.

b) have graduated from a school recognized by DS. These conditions may, at the discretion of the board, be replaced in whole or in part by other scenographic work. Double membership (A-members) with a related trade union may be decided by the board.

Any person of legal age can be admitted as a B member (passive member), if you..:

a) cannot be admitted in accordance with section 4(2) and who wish to support the association's purpose, or

b) ceases to be professionally active within theater, TV and film scenography production.
Any person of legal age who has been admitted to a school recognized by the association for the training of scenographers may be admitted as a student member.
Retired A-members can be transferred to pensioner membership.