About us

Danske Scenografer (Danish Designers for Stage and Screen) is a trade union for professional experts working within the fields of performing arts, film/TV, exhibitions, etc., who, among other things, conceptualize, create, and design narratives in spaces – including scenographers, production designers, costume designers, lighting designers, sound designers, video designers, and more

Our purpose is to take care of the professional and artistic interests of our members in all respects – this includes general working conditions, your copyright protections, and not least to promote collective and individual interests in the labor market.

We strive to unite our diverse members within a professional community and support the mutual relations and networks among members.

We engage and make our mark locally, nationally, and internationally to create the best possible conditions for our members – and we focus extensively on elevating and strengthening professionalism in our fields.

We have a hard-working board that negotiates agreements and works on political fronts, as well as committed members in various committees who contribute to the development of courses, further education, and professional networks.

Find more information (in Danish) on our website.

You are welcome to contact the Secretariat or the Board for further information.

You can also find out many important details about how Danske Scenografer is organized by reading our bylaws.


Any person of legal age can be admitted as an A-member, if you..:

a) a) completed at least one professional production within their field of expertise at a professional theater, production company, exhibition, etc., recognized by Danish Scenographers. The board may, at its discretion, fully or partially replace this condition with similar work within the field, such as other scenographic work.

and/or b) graduated from a school recognized by Danske Scenografer.

Any person of legal age can be admitted as a B member (passive member), if you..:

a) cannot be admitted in accordance with section 4(2) and who wish to support the association's purpose, or

b) ceases to be professionally active within theater, TV and film scenography production.
Any person of legal age who has been admitted to a school recognized by the association for the training of scenographers may be admitted as a student member.
Retired A-members can be transferred to pensioner membership.